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£100 Tipster of the Month Competition


Each month, the top individual tipster will win a cash prize of £100. All tips across all sports count, get involved and get bragging rights and cash to boot!

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Terms and Conditions

This is a level stakes profit (LSP) competition, all tips will be standardised to 1 unit when generating users Profit/Loss

• No opt in required, the competition is free to enter.

• You must be over 18 to claim.

• Your average strike rate (number of wins to the number of bets ratio) must be at least 20% over the course of the competition.

• You must make at least thirty tips during the calendar month to be eligible for a prize.

• All tips for all sports are eligible.

• Tipping that is not deemed in the spirit of the competition, such as consistent strike manipulation, could lead to tipsters being removed from the competition and winnings being indefinitely suspended. If such action is deemed to have taken place by the player we reserve the right to void their individual bets and/or close their account.

• Occasionally a bookmaker will misprice an event outcome, we reserve the right to void tips where a misprice has occurred.

• Only one account is allowed per person, multiple accounts will be closed.

• Cash is payable either via paypal or skrill and will be paid no later than fourteen days after the competition ends.