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Introducing.....The Squawk


Betminds is pleased to introduce our brand new value odds alert service, our very own squawk that we like to call SquawkMinds.

What's a Squawk?

So you might be thinking what the heck is a Squawk? It has its origins in the financial markets, a method of communication used by analysts and traders to talk directly and in real time with brokers. As market news breaks and analysts develop new ways to determine which direction an asset is likely to move, they use the squawk box to communicate their findings and stay ahead of the financial markets.

Our squawk works in a very similar fashion, as events move market odds, bookmakers can be slow to react leaving value on the table (we define value as receiving a potentially larger payout than the true chance of the event happening would suggest). It's the squawks job to monitor the major bookmakers for value. When a value opportunity becomes available, the squawk will tip the outcome on Betminds at level 1 point stakes.

The Squawk isn't a conventional tipster service

The squawk is not a conventional tipping service, it is purely driven by price rather than sentiment. As an extreme illustration, it is very unlikely that you will find any professional tipster tipping a brace for Manchester City defender John Stones. However if the squawk found a price available of 200.0 and the true odds of such an event happening are 183.0 then that offers approximately 10% value. The squawk doesn't consider that the probability of the tip winning as being incredibly small, it is instead driven purely by the maths - the value the tip represents. Do not expect incisive commentary from the squawk then, it has no comprehension of what tip will win and which will not.

The squawk is yet to predict at such long odds, however it certainly isn't focusing on favourites. At the time of writing the average odds per tip is 3.68 so if you do decide to follow the Squawks plays, expect some volatility in your results and adjust your staking plan to suit.

Get alerts, Be alert

The single most important requirement in successfully following the squawks plays is to react fast. Bookmakers are quick to change weak prices so time is of the essence, some of the squawks tips will last just minutes, sometimes even seconds before prices are unfavourably updated. Remember without price, the squawks tips are nothing, either follow at the advertised price the squawk has found or walk away, taking any price is the fast way to the poorhouse where any sports tips are concerned and this is even truer where the Squawk predictions are concerned.

As part of reacting fast, real time information is required and for this setting up our notifications is perfect. The Squawk tweets its selections as soon as tips are placed. Our app can be customised to enable mobile phone notifications on a user by user basis. Turning on mobile notices for the Squawk means that soon as the Squawk finds value you get alerted immediately.

Walk through

Below we will take you through the steps to follow the Squawks plays

1) Follow the Squawk on Betminds

2) Enable push notifications. See our video here if unsure how

3) The next time the Squawk makes a tip, click the link in the notification to be taking to the Squawks profile on Betminds, hit the 'Open Tips' tab to see the latest plays.

4) The Squawk will show you the price it tipped at, click the bookmaker logo to be taken straight to the bookie where the Squawk found the value price. If you haven't got an account at the selected book, then sign up - remember never settle for any price lower than the Squawk found. Otherwise you run the risk of making a negative or par value bet.

Hint - The 'Bet' button will show the price at various other bookmakers. This is useful if for whatever reason you can't bet at the book the Squawk selected, you may find the same price at another bookmaker. Signup bonuses are also displayed here to add even more potential value to your bet

5) Use level stake sizes for each tip. The Squawk does not experience various sentiment levels for individual plays, it sees each tip as having equal merit - namely mathematical value, hence why we recommend level stakes.

6) Be prepared to ride the variance. The squawk will sometimes tip high priced outcomes with a low probability of occurring. Be prepared to tip the same level stakes for these plays and stick with it, over time the value will translate into profit.

Betminds records a complete record of the Squawks prior tips and performance. During its first month the Squawk has staked over 100 units and recorded a level stakes 26 point profit, a 37% profit. A great start and one we intend to build on as we continue to fine tune its performance. Make sure you're following to be part of the story.

Follow the Squawks plays and performance on Betminds now