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Getting Started


If you've signed up to BetMinds and are wondering how to get started or why you're here, then this page is for you. Learn more about the basics of using the site below.

What is BetMinds?

BetMinds is a football predicition website where users come together to compete, share advice and connect with fellow sports fans.

How is it Useful?

BetMinds offers live prices for thousands of markets from multiple bookmakers. You can use this data to make predictions on hundreds of events, compete against friends and even win cash prizes. You can also use BetMinds to follow other peoples predictions and get sports tipping advice in real time from professional punters and others that you rate.

How to Start Using BetMinds:

1) Find Tipsters to Follow

Begin your experience by following punters. View the league tables to browse or search for tipsters by name and follow them via their profile page.

In the Activity menu, Followed Tips will show all the latest predictions from the people you have decided to follow.

You will also be alerted to new tips created via notifications in your menu.

• Hint - Once you have started following tipsters, Betminds collates them into your very own 'Followed Tipsters' league so you can see how they all compare. You will find the link under 'Quick Stats' on the homepage.

2) Create Notifications

Never miss a tip again, setup push alerts to your phone for your favourite tipsters. Using this functionality you can then be notified as soon as a tipster you're following places a tip. To do this go your 'Profile' and click 'Following' and you will see the Mobile Notification setting.

You can also setup alerts by visiting the profile screen of the tipster you're interested in. Once following, you will see the enable notifications slider as highlighted in red.

To learn more about setting up notifications to your phone (or to your desktop), see our video here.

3) Be the Tipster - Start Tipping

For tipping, Betminds uses a hypothetical currency (units) as a virtual currency to track performance. Live bookmaker odds are used to accurately calculate your profit and loss. BetMinds has thousands of market outcomes for you to choose from. The prices displayed are the best across a whole range of major bookmakers, ensuring you tip at the best possible price available. Convinced your tip is a sure fire winner? Increase your unit stake on the tipslip to maximise potential units returned. The stake size by default is 1 unit, but can be increased up to 5 units to allow a potential five fold return should your tip win. The max win limit for any single tip is set to 25 units. The minimum price to tip at is 1.1, selections with a shorter (lower) price than this will not show as available for tipping.

You get 25 points daily to tip with. Once all 25 points are used up, you have to wait until the following day for your balance to reset. So spend those points wisely, because once they are gone, they're gone!

4) Private Leagues

Now you can create private leagues for your friends and colleagues. Each league has a captain who manages the participants. You can join or create a league via the Compete menu. If joining an existing league you must wait for the captain to confirm your request.

Note you can only be a member of one private league at any one time, so to join or create a new clan you must leave your existing one first if you are already a member.

5) Compete

Compete against your fellow tipsters and win cash prizes. Check in Compete section to see current competitions running.

Now it's time to get tipping and show your friends and fellow punters how it's done....

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