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9 Awesome Betminds Features You Probably Don't Know About


Yes, you probably already know how to create a tip…but how many of Betmind's interesting and underutilized features do you know about? Betminds has a bunch of extras ranging from darn good fun to cold hard money making.

Here is our list of 9 awesome features that you probably don't know exist:

1) Tip mobile alerts

Betminds has an Iphone app, you may have already looked at it and thought 'looks a lot like the usual site, so what?' Good question, the answer to what's different remains under the hood. Once you have the app, you can enable push notifications. Using this functionality you can then be notified as soon as a user you are following places a tip. This feature can be enabled on a user by user basis meaning you can create your own tailored mobile tip alerts. To do this go your 'Profile' and click 'Following' and you will see the Mobile Notification setting.

This feature is switched off by default for all tipsters you follow, but from here you can enable them for the tipsters you're interested in, receiving their tips the moment they place them. From the message pop up on your mobile, you can then follow the link back to Betminds which will present you with the best current price for the tip from more than 15 major bookmakers.

You can also setup alerts via visiting the profile screen of the tipster you're interested in. Once following, you will see the enable notifications slider as highlighted in red.

* Mobile app only currently available for Iphone/Ipad users. We will update once the Android app becomes available.

2) Performance mobile alerts

Following on from Point one, enabling push notifications means you can also get mobile updates:

3) The Squawk

OK this you probably have heard of, but it's so awesome we have included it again. Squawkminds is our very own football value alert service, it's the Squawks job to find great value plays and then tip them. Following the Squawk and enabling tip alerts (as outlined in Point 1) means instant notification of some great potential bets. Yes the Squawk also tips on Twitter and you can set up phone alerts from there, but you will get the tips to your phone faster using Betminds own app notifications.

4) Tracked tipster league

You might have noticed the 'Tracked Tipster League' link on the Homepage, so what is it? It takes all of the tipsters you are following and then puts them into your very own unique tipster league. The 'Total Return' refers to the total point profit or loss that those you're following have made for the current calendar month. Use the filters in the league screen to change default dates as well as to filter for specific market types and/or events which in turn will update the table. This will help you figure out potential strengths and weaknesses of the tipsters you follow.

5) Create your own (prize) competition

You probably know you can create your own league for you and your friends, but did you know you also create your own competition? On your instruction we can create your own contest designed to your specifications. You define the start date and end date as well as what leagues and football markets you want to include, you can also choose whether you want it be a standard tipster of the month competition or instead a 100 point challenge style event. In fact who said it had to be 100 points, you can set your own goal - 10 points all the way up to 1000!

Even better for all you super popular people with lots of friends and/or a large social following, if your league exceeds 60 people then get in touch, as there is a very good possibility of Betminds sponsoring it with a very nice cash prize for the winner.

To find out more, get in touch with us on Twitter, we always reply promptly or instead mail us at

6) Scoping

Drill down into your performance by month, market and by competition with what we like to call 'Scoping'. A scoped view creates a filter so when reviewing your statistics, it only shows tips that meet the requirements of the filter. What the heck did we just say? OK here is an example

Look at the tipster's profile below, not doing so well at the Home/Draw/Away tipping (match result) but the Correct Score market is looking much better

Clicking on the market 'Correct Score' then creates a scoped view and statistics are now updated to show only tips relating to that market

That profit and loss graph is looking pretty decent, some variance there as to be expected for high average odd outcomes, but that graph is only going one way. Let's drill in further and look at the most recent month

Graph and stats looking good, this tipster is worth a follow.

Scoping lets you evaluate your own performance on a market and time basis, but it also allows you to evaluate other tipsters to help you decide who might be worth following.

7) Publishing tips to Social Media

Want to share your tips with your Facebook or Twitter followers? In your Profile, click the social media links to share with one button press. Swish

8) Promote your own service

Have your own website you want to promote? At Betminds we're pretty relaxed about letting tipsters create links to their own external sites, as long as the site is on topic and offers a legitimate service then feel free to add details in your profile. Once you have created 10 tips and they have settled, your website link will be visible to all other users on the site.

9) Twitter free cash competitions and more

Did you know in just the past few months we have given out over £500 in random spot prizes on Twitter? We also run short fun competitions on the main site with £100s to be won every month. In fact we are busy preparing a special Premier league style contest right now. Make sure you're following us on Twitter and you are signed up on Betminds to stay informed of all the latest free cash contests.